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BABY TONIGHT (Youtube video:   Spotify Link,   Apple/iTunes Link)
Music by Scott Milsom/Tom Kuras
Lyrics by Sarah Jade

Well we started so well, we were happy and free
But then something changed unfortunately
The rose tinted smoke cleared, and I saw the real you
So I’ll pack your bags, leave them by the front door
Please oh please don’t be asking for more
It’s high time baby, that I told you something true

If there’s another way I’d love to know
It was beautiful but it’s time to go
Don’t make this harder than it is

Uh oh, I’m not your baby baby
Uh oh, I’m not your little lady
Uh oh, You ain’t coming back
Either you are confused or your ego is bruised
Uh oh, baby I need some space
Uh oh, please just get off my case
Uh oh, you can do what you please
But don’t be my baby tonight

I get the feeling that the message ain’t sinking in
You’re testing me now where do I begin
Baby baby please don’t ask me why
After five long years I got nothing to say
move move move baby get out my way
Uh oh, time to say good bye